Omega SWAP Y25DT to M57 3L diesel 142KW (193PS)

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  1. EclipseGSX

    EclipseGSX Nieuw

    Hello everyone,
    I'm driving 2002 Omega with 2.5 DTI engine 110kw (150PS), but i had a problem (diesel drive away).
    I'm thinking of swapping engine to M57 3L diesel 142KW (193PS) from BMW, and i want to ask:
    Does it fit perfectly to it? Like engine mounts, gear box, wires, etc?
    And what else i should take in to consideration?
  2. warhamstr

    warhamstr Nieuw

  3. lowflyer

    lowflyer Nieuw

    Yes this is done before. It should work, only I don't know what else they had to change to make it fit.
  4. tonboy

    tonboy Nieuw Donateur 2016

    I think you should ask Berry about this, he spoke to me about a friend from him who has done this also. He can tell you exactly what to do. And problaby can do it for you if you want. Good luck !
  5. EclipseGSX

    EclipseGSX Nieuw

    Thank you for your replies, this will probably help me a lot :) I will contact Berry about this conversion. Well even if he can do it for me, that is a no go for me, because i live ~1600km away from Amsterdam, so it would cost me a fortune. And i want to try and do it my self, maybe even do a how to tutorial :)
    warhamstr ok, i will do that :)
  6. Berry

    Berry Nieuw

    Het past 1 op 1
    wel moet je de kabelboom,ecu en turbo van de 2.5 gebruiken
    turbo van de 2.5 is vacuum bediend en van de 3.0 elektrisch.
  7. Frans

    Frans Nieuw Donateur 2016


    It fits one on one but you need to use the cables, ECU and the turbocharcher from the 2.5 engine.
    The charcher from the 2.5 works with under-pressure, the charcher from the 3.0 works with electic.
  8. Illuminat0r

    Illuminat0r Nieuw Donateur 2016

    I have no experience practically on the topic but in my opinion you can use the full m57 3.0 with all its accessories as long as you adapt it to certain parts electronically in the omega.

    The ECU is still a standalone part in the Omega so that would be the least difficult part i think.
    Having the Boardcomputer connected to the CID would become a real trick...
    Automatic gearbox is still controlled separately so again no problem, certainly the software differs but its the same hardware.

    Look for differences in intercooler. You will be limited whatsoever by the size of the stock Omega IC. We still have the x25tds IC inside, wereas BMW has replaced it by a front mounted. (Already in their x25d engines)

    You should definitely search for this matter on German sites.
    It has been done before...!

    I'll try and see to recover on the site i once found...

    If it's just to have it running again with a 3l block you have lying around i would do as Berry says right away. (But 25d ECU will limit your power)
    If you want to come as close as possible to a m57 30d then look a little further to adapt the most possible parts.

    (Why not go crazy and mount a 35d or 40d inside with its 3 or 4 turbochargers? Haha. Wanna see that fit)
  9. Illuminat0r

    Illuminat0r Nieuw Donateur 2016

  10. EclipseGSX

    EclipseGSX Nieuw

    Thank you for your answers.
    Yeah i definitely would love to have 40d inside, and that would be quite a project, but i have a limited amount of € and it's my daily driven car, so that's a no go for me (at least for now). For now i want to get it running and think of future project in a future :)
    Yes i will have to change oil pan because it wouldn't fit through "traverse" (sorry, don't know proper term in English).
    I wonder is it really hard to connect CID to a Board computer (i didn't have a time to take a look at that German forum, but i will).
    If i won't find how to connect CID, then i will have to put 30d with 2.5 turbo.
    If i will connect CID to Beard computer properly, will i have to change IC right away? Or is there no problems if i will drive with the same IC for a few weeks?

    Thank you again for your answers.
  11. Illuminat0r

    Illuminat0r Nieuw Donateur 2016

    I guess the IC will not be a problem as long as you don't push the engine too much.

    But don't mix up things too much:
    The IC is purely mechanical for the engine. No effect on CID nor Boardcomputer (BC)

    Your CID you should see as a separate tool. It will display several things independently : nav, warnings, BC, telephone. ..

    The BC for me is only the part which displays fuel consumption etc...
    I my opinion you will lose only this part. (Because i don't know how it communicates with the ECU)
    Maybe it will just work. I don't know.
    But losing this part would not immediately be a concern to me. You can do the math more accurate at the fuelpump afterwards ;)

    Part engine: you should consider what to choose i guess:
    Take the complete 30d with turbo and ECU, and injectors,... and have full power.
    Or take it somewhere in between with 25d turbo and ECU. But there I don't understand how you will get correct fuel injection. Provisioned for 25d turbo, displacement and injectors , but still displacing 3liters.
    As far as i know you will get a lot of wrongly calculated injections.
    (If she runs lean she might tear a piston ;) i had the experience already )
  12. altemo

    altemo Nieuw Donateur 2016

    Wat bedoelt ie met (diesel drive away)?
  13. Illuminat0r

    Illuminat0r Nieuw Donateur 2016

    Ik geraak op de laptop er niet op dus geen link sorry.
    Zoek maar even op youtube naa r 'diesel runaway' vind je genoeg over.

    Meer uitleg in filmpje

    Met een automaat is dan meestal ook je gearbox eraan voor de moeite!
    (Want die krijg je niet geforceerd stilgelegd zoals een handbak)
  14. warhamstr

    warhamstr Nieuw

    Een diesel die op motorolie over gaat. Super gaaf effect :')
  15. Illuminat0r

    Illuminat0r Nieuw Donateur 2016

    Ik kan je verzekeren uit ervaring dat je ovrr de ganse breedte van de Brusselse ring niets meer ziet over een dikke 100m qua mist/rook.
    Heb een jaar geleden een renault alsnog stilgekregen om het mistgordijn op te lossen. Het blok was er wel aan voor de moeite...

    Bestuurder was gaan lopen _O-
  16. lowflyer

    lowflyer Nieuw

    Een maat van mij werkt in een garage voor vrachtwagens. Daar is dit ook ooit gebeurt, gelukkig stond deze niet met de wielen op de grond. Maar dit was ook grillig. Hun hadden toen gewoon alle vloeistoffen er uit laten lopen tot de motor het opgaf.
  17. warhamstr

    warhamstr Nieuw

    Bij een auto kun je de luchtinlaat nog proberen af te dichten (als je ballen hebt om naast zo'n op hol geslagen tor te gaan pulken aan je filter) Of als je een CO2 blusser in handbereik het die in je inlaat leeg te spuiten. Of koppeling laten schieten in z'n 5, maar meestal is het wachten tot ie zelf stopt... Een zwaardere diesel staat helemaal niet zomaar stil idd.
  18. warhamstr

    warhamstr Nieuw


    Dat vind ik echt niet vreemd, wat gaat dat tekeer :')

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